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We help our customers with betting game services which are regulated by our Sports Betting Development Company with Betfair API solution. Our live score API is basically established on the Bet365 API, Betfair API for bet settlement the whole strategy of wagering arrangement is committed to the Betfair API supplier on the planet.

Our sports app development also give the cricket wagering, Sports Betting game that tensions you for online bet settlement features. The Betting API solution is totally adjusted for your sportsbook structure.

Talking about best games Betfair API service, Quirinus soft are likewise known in the business verticals. We guarantee to give the best Betfair API solution that is overseen by our games betting programming team. We have upgraded our API programming framework with a fantasy to advance before the current rate is checked by the admin.

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Sports Betting API Solutions

Quirinus soft give betting solution to simply betting approved countries where betting is legal.

● Sportsbook

Sportsbook offers astonishing betting segments and advance services to the clients and clients to serve the bet made sports betting game stage.

● Live Score

With the assistance of Live Score API services with Betfair API supplier, we stipulate the present score of the game contribution Live Score API solutions.

● All Sports occasion

Our API betting services permit Soccer, tennis, Cricket Betting, horse racing betting, etc like.

Sports Betting services with Betfair Games API development


Soccer, in any case, called Football is the most notable game over the globe with billions of fans and betting devotees. To contact the huge social event of onlooker base, we help you with preparing for the proportionate with soccer betting application improvement.


With respect to most notable wagering games, cricket might be basically appointed the once-over. Considering its vulnerabilities and differentiation, billions of individuals wager on cricket. We offer Betfair cricket betting API development that will help you with progressing in the betting.


The game for lofty betters, horse running is a popular betting event for many years. Without a doubt, even today, billions of people bet on the race. We give Horse racing betting app development that delivers the money for you.


Single bets have a lower level of danger, and the stake costs only a solitary unit, not in any manner like full spread bets. Another favored position is the straightforwardness with which the benefits from them are resolved.

● Straight on

Straight betting is likely the most used sort of betting around the web. The thing you do is bet on the apparatus' outcome – win, lose or (when applicable) draw. With the highlighted alternatives; it is sheltered to wager on the application.

● Aggregates (OVER/UNDER)

Total is another top web betting business part. You can put your Over/under bets on in every way that really matters any countable estimation in a game (centers, corner, cards, games in a set, free tosses, etc).

● Impediment

The obstacle is enormously notable in the United States and people there are crazy about betting on their traditional sports using those business divisions. One can appreciate an altered stage as indicated by the sports they pick.

● Every WA

Each way is a standard kind of betting, especially among punters who are into horse running. The articulations for put down bets are set early by the director and pay out a modest quantity of the Win possibilities.

● Products

Each wager that has more than one assurance in it is an authority bet. Right now idle capacity return is extended, yet lamentably so are the chances of the wager not to turn out winning.

● Twofold

Twofold is a sort of bet that contains unequivocally 2 decisions. The condition to give you appearance is the two conclusions to turn out winning.


Treble is a sort of wager that incorporates 3 bets. All together for a treble bet to be powerful, every one of the 3 judgments needs to turn out winning.

Why Choose Quirinus soft for Betfair API Solution ?

Our sports betting game development essentially empowers clients to watch their favored sports event live using a Smartphone. Besides getting a charge out of an empowering match and pulling for the gathering, the client of the app can put down a bet and win entirely as prize money.

By essentially approaching the web anyone can approach this application. Additionally, you basically need to enlist by using your email id or adaptable number.

We at Quirinus soft feel happy for being viewed as a sport betting site development company. We plan standard solutions that can work perfectly on any stage. We have exhibited enormity in the field of app development for a long time.

In addition, our sports betting programming engineers are drilled at making quality solutions by using contemporary advances.

Commitment Models

● On location

Agreement the designer and use it at our astute development center. You are kept instructed in regard to everything with on-time reporting and moved correspondence channels.

● Offsite

Should you be moved support? Use the designer at your corporate office and get the upsides of a full-time resource without overhead costs.

● Half breed

Annihilation adaptability and control. Get a meeting and undertake a supervisory team at your territory, and let the execution work done by your gathering at our inside.

● Fixed Price

It upgrades Startups and Small Businesses - Suitable for adventures when it's possible to evaluate the time and cost of development. In the wake of inspecting your endeavor we thought we would give you an announcement. At the point when approved, you begin working with your advantage.

● Committed Hiring

It is required for Mid and Large-sized assignments - Suitable for adventures alongside no degree of extension in a rush. Agreement your planner and he will be dedicatedly working for you. It best suits new businesses and moderate-sized associations.

● Hourly Basis

For Sole Entrepreneurs and Ongoing Projects-Suitable for consistent endeavors; we errands with a wide degree of increments. Agreement your benefit and pay-all the more just as expenses emerge. It best suits gigantic activities and agents requiring some ace assistance.

Features of Sports Betting App Development

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    User Profile and Bio

    To begin betting on various matches, the client profile is made on the site that incorporates their record data. The client profile and bio we make are verify and don't permit shared data on the bio.

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    Calendar Day and Schedule

    Schedule day and calendar is a significant component as it helps in refreshing the day and spot of the up and coming counterpart for the client to bet on. Such data is sent to the client through a notification to continue further with the betting.

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    Multiple Bets

    With the assistance of a betting site that we develop, clients can appreciate something other than one bet on a single match. The group of sorts of bets is distinctive relying upon the kind of match and bet you play. The stage is totally secure for clients to appreciate and win.

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    For a live betting application, security is alluded to as the most significant component. Clients enter their account data that must be verified at each betting level. We build up a sports betting site and application with complete real highlights and security frameworks.

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    Live Score

    The live score feature helps the clients to encourage the betting component and live score at any time. This feature is also put out as a notification for clients who wish to bet and need ordinary live scores at consistently. This feature helps with a superior betting choice.

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    Social Sharing & Messaging

    This feature helps the client to share their betting element and live score of the match with others who wish to take an interest in the betting also. We build up a website that characterizes betting including two gatherings or people at one stage share their betting experience.

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