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We are Quirinus Solutions Ltd., We Specialize in Custom Application Development! To be among the top Mobile Application Developers in the UK, we strive to cater bespoke solutions for development, marketing and even promotions. Yes, you read that right, even the most ground breaking app needs a marketing strategy, so we’ve got you covered. With our experience of developing more than 100 IOS and Android apps, we have helped clients from across Birmingham, Manchester, London, Staines, Wales, Wolverhampton, and Southampton to deliver a phenomenal user experience. 

App Development Agency with the Best UI/UX Standards

Did you know that £1 invested in UI/UX is equal to 9,900% ROI? According to the survey reports, 88% of the mobile users in the UK agreed that if a website takes time to load or if the design elements are not up to the mark, it is most likely to be abandoned. 

Owing to our team of skilled designers, we have gathered enough of experience and knowledge about the UX-based user frustrations. So, don’t you think it would be a great idea to partner with a Mobile App Development Company that boasts its seasoned expertise.

Best Mobile App Development Company to tackle the unforeseen risks

What makes us different is our passion to deliver agility and scalability. We take pride in delivering the most agile solutions and being recognized as the top design firm by our esteemed clientele from Birmingham, Manchester, London, Staines, Wales, Wolverhampton, and Southampton. To provide quality results, we think out of the box and have become the most preferred iPhone/iOS App Development Company. No matter how big or complicated a project is, we can handle it efficiently due to our agile methodologies.

We follow a 6 step iterative cycle that helps us to deal with all sorts of headaches and risks.

Role Distribution
Priority Backlogs
Agile Planning
Daily Progress Review
Learn, Improve And Repeat
Time-bound Professionals

With this agile methodology, Quirinus Soft assures that the clients get greater ROI than anticipated. Our agile solutions, the iterative process and decade long industry experience enabled us to deliver android and iOS App Development Services with the guarantee of

Best Quality App
Improved Transparency
Faster Generation Of ROI
Ultimate Client Satisfaction
Value Givers

Top-notch services from #1 App Development Company in UK

We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. To attain the objectives, every little element of your project will be carried forward with attention to the finest details, so that the offered solutions are functional, scalable and robust.

Research and Strategy Services

Our dedicated team of analysts is willing to push the boundaries and optimize the latest tools and technologies to create the right development strategies.

With the aim to deliver higher ROI and enhanced user experience, our research team will scrutinize the most efficient solutions for App design. Our end goal is to improve customer value and to attain that we make sure to deliver the best UI/UX designs with the assurance that the final product will be


iOS App Development Services

We have a vast team of experienced developers to guarantee you the most sophisticated app development services. Our apps are not just clean and crisp for the design part, but we make sure that the functionality is as smooth as is expected by the clients and the end users. The multi-step services that make us the top rated developers in the UK involve the following milestones.

Step 1- Concept Research
Step 2- Development
Step 3- Testing
Step 4- UX/UI Wireframes
Step 5- Launch
Step 6- Promotion

At Every phase, we keep the customer preferences our priority and ensures that the final product is a thousand times better than what we proposed in step 1. To match your web experience and make it even better for mobile users, let’s have a word and discuss the app idea that’s keeping you up all night.

Android App Development Services

We have Google-certified developers on board to ensure that our clients can be the pioneers in the respective business verticals. The specialists at Quirinus Soft guarantee to deliver an intuitive app that is farther from the traditional boundaries of mobile apps. The extensive knowledge of our team of experts enables us to become a reliable partner for all sizes of businesses. We can create scalable solutions and add value to your business because we follow a detailed app development process that is embellished with multiple features.

Cutting Edge Technology
AI Integration
Latest Design And Functionality Features
High Performing Programming Languages
Dynamic Apis
Competitively Priced Packages

Planning and Implementation

The ethos of commitment and passion fuels our jobs. That’s why Quirinus Soft has gained a strong repute in the marketplace by rendering the most efficient services for backend app development planning and implementation. We leverage the latest back-end technology to enhance your growth prospects. Whether is cloud stacking or handling API security, we take good care of every aspect of the backend development.

Growth Marketing Services

To survive in the long run, an app needs a user base and the potential to beat the competition. Finding dedicated users and promoting your product to them would be our job. That’s why our clients think we are the Best Mobile App Development Company in UK that doesn’t just stop at the development phase but also makes sure that the final product receives the attention it deserves.

Features of the Best App Development Packages

We work fast, we deliver ultimate quality and we focus on bespoke solutions; but there is one more reason that we have quickly expanded our footprints across the UK. Clients from Birmingham, Manchester, London, Staines, Wales, Wolverhampton, and Southampton simply love to make us their app development partners because we offer the most competitive price bands. To make an informed decision, take a look at the promises we deliver:

Quirinus Soft
Bespoke Solutions

We are experts in predicting what our clients want. But still, we are always ready to review and revise until the final product is not exactly as you want.

Quirinus Soft
Error-Free Deployment

With the aim to deploy a bug-free mobile app, we make sure to adhere to the rigorous norms of unit testing, integration testing, and end-to-end module testing.

Quirinus Soft
Competitive Pricing

We can help you keep the competitive edge in the dynamic marketplace on the basis of your digital strategy. Let us design it for you at a nominal price that is hard to find in the UK.

Quirinus Soft
Certified Developers

In the emerging digital age, it is important to showcase your potentials in the best possible way. You can trust our certified app developers for their skills and talent.

Quirinus Soft
Ground Breaking UI/UX

After in-depth research and analysis of the market trends and user expectations, we strive to deliver the most thoughtful digital strategy in the form of innovative UI/UX design.

Quirinus Soft
Total Transparency

We strive to enable seamless coordination and always make sure that our clients are on the same page. To deliver what is promised we keep transparency at the top priority.

Quirinus Soft
Timely Delivery

We have next-gen tech specialists who know their job very well. Thanks to their passionate attitude, we never missed a deadline before.

Quirinus Soft
Incorporate Social Media Integration

Social media sharing is no longer limited to photo sharing. Most applications now incorporate social network integration, allowing users to connect and cooperate with others regardless of whether or not they are using the same app.

Quirinus Soft
Incorporating Search Feature

An advanced search tool has a significant impact, especially if the app has an extensive material database; users will rapidly find it challenging to access. Top-tier applications allow users to search for relevant information using keywords and key phrases using the advanced search function and the search box.

Have an App Idea?

We are an award-winning development company that is preferred by both start-ups and enterprises. If you are feeling positive about our services and looking for a reliable IOS or Android Mobile App Development Company just give us a call. We can discuss what you have in your mind and create a winning strategy for your success in the digital age.


Why do people love Quirinus Solutions?

They did a fantastic job for my business app. I would like to thank the entire team that worked hard and made sure that the app gets ready to launch within few months. I would highly recommend their transparency and professionalism.
Gabriela Phillips
St Albans
I am impressed with the skillset of the designers and developers of Quirinus Soft. They not only made an interactive mobile app for me but also helped me to create the most tactical strategy to grow my business online. Their industry leading expertise comes from the solid foundation of their certified specialists. I would definitely connect with them for future development needs.
Nicole  Howell
South Cambridgeshire
After availing their services for three different apps, I can proudly say that it is the best iOS App Development Company in the UK. Their designed apps are functional and robust. And the best part, their services fall within budget. Highly recommend it to everyone.
Adalyn Dudley
East Hertfordshire
If you are a start-up and looking for a reliable developer in the UK, you can surely connect with Quirinus Soft. They will do an excellent job and always make sure to deliver tailor made solutions that match the business objective of a company that is just starting up.
Katelynn  Livingston
South Oxfordshire
I had an idea for my travel app, but was wondering and how and where to find a reliable app development partner. One of my clients recommended this company to me and I must say, I was impressed with them at the first phase when they refined my idea and presented a polished concept for iPhone mobile app. Hiring them for app development was the best decision so far.
Graciela Woodward

Frequently Ask Questions

It can take months to take a mobile app from just being an idea to a final ready-to-use product. Expect anywhere between 3 to 4 months. However, continuous improvement and post-development support lasts even longer.

The price tag is not necessarily to be hefty for mobile app development. Make sure to partner with a trusted firm that has the best talent and has a dedication to deliver what is promised. Get ready to pay anywhere between £40,000 to £120,000 for mobile apps. Considering the long-term business benefits of mobile apps, it is worthy to differentiate between a basic and complex app and made an informed decision.

The first phase is to create a prototype of the idea that you have in your mind. You can consider hiring UI/UX designers to get the feel. Besides, coders are essential to create the modules which are tested in the later phases. Before deployment, several phases of app development are implemented. In order to get detailed information on all stages before app launch, get in touch with Quirinus Soft.

The integrated development environment offered by Android is great for mobile app development. However, based on the target audience, if you require to launch a mobile app on the iOS platform then you can hire experts who can handle both low code development platforms as well as complex platforms.

For every client, app development companies usually offer bespoke backup management solutions. For instance, there are provisions for both everyday backups and minute-by-minute backups. For quick data recovery and backup management, you can trust Quirinus Soft, which is recognized as the best Mobile App Development Company in the UK.